Vietnam 2018

Hanoi to Saigon with Adam Bergen aka the husbabe. ( Yes he is a babe and my husband)

This year was our 5 year anniversary and we decided to travel half way around the world and back pack the beautiful country of Vietnam. It was a amazing experience and I can confidently say that we found a love for the lifestyle of living out of a back pack. 

The people of Vietnam are so friendly and the food is amazing! Here is a few of our favourite snaps we took along the way. I don't normally edit like this for my clients but these are for us and I love the film look. I love how everything looks old as if it was taken on film. Going to Vietnam really made it feel like we really were living in a different time. But it was nice. It was so good to get away, meet other travellers along the way! Definitely see us going back some day!