My sister.  My sister though is straight up a champ!

 I love these three so dearly. Is it weird that I call my sister in law my sister?I always skip the "in law" part and people always say, "I never knew you had a sister" .

 I never had a sister growing up. I always wanted one! When I got married I got four wonderful sister in laws. I always tell Adam all the time that I am thankful for him sharing his family with me! 

This here is his sister, Krista. One of my closest friends. We share the same birthday and many other bonds. This awesome dude at her side is my amazing brother in law Mike. They just had a beautiful baby boy named Odin.

Growing up , my grandparents use to babysit Mike for many years as a kid. He remembers me coming over a few times to my grandparents when he was there and me trying to get him to play dress up and 52 pick up lol. As the years went by , him and my husband Adam met at a young age and became the best of friends. 6 years ago when Adam and I started dating he introduced me to Mike , and I didn't remember him , until one afternoon playing canasta at my grandparents, and all of us playing the mennonite game when I introduced them to Adam! 

Adam and Krista are close in age so naturally they too are pretty close.  Krista would often hang out with Adam and his friends growing up. One summer when Adam went to live in Calgary, Mike and Krista  became best friends too. A few years later were married in 2014 .  I am seriously so blessed to be able to call these people my best friends and family.

When Adam and I heard the news that we were going to be a aunt and uncle we were so excited and looking forward to this day!

It was so special to be able to be with them as they welcomed Odin into the world , on March 9th , 2018. Krista did a great job, and the two are rocking it at being parents.