Carrying your baby for 9 months. Feeling your baby move and grow inside you , is a surreal experience and one to never forget. Your body is amazing and is creating a human. Your body is beautiful and should be documented.

Together we will figure out how you would like to be photographed. Weather that be by yourself showing the shape of your body in a beautiful artistic way, or if you want to include your significant other. Together we will make your vision come to life. I have 3 unique studio rooms that is able to make any style come true! Here are some examples of my work. If you are interested in a creative way that you have envisioned, lets make your vision come to life!

I have 4 studios and a 5th on the way. Each room that I have is so unique that we can create a scene that is perfect for your session.

The Urban Studio


The Urban Studio is one of my personal favourite rooms. It has 3 unique looks. A Black ornate photo frame wall, dark forest green wall, and a rustic original brick wall. The lighting in this room is very amazing and makes everything very moody. If you are looking for a vibe that is more on the creative dark and moody side then this is the space for your session!

The Light House Studio

This room is perfect for the natural light lovers who prefer images that are more on the bright and airy side. This studio room has hard wood floors and extremely large windows to allow for tons of natural light. It is also west facing windows so this room gets the best sun sets! The light house studio also has white walls , white rustic brick walls, and a pink feature wall if you are wanting things to be a little more on the feminine side.

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