August 3, 2018- August 5 ,2018

Keegan and Parisa were married surrounded by friends and family afar. Family came from Nairobi , London , Calgary , Toronto , Vancouver to name a few places.

The couple resides in Calgary , however they made the trip out to clear lake Manitoba. Keegan’s family owns a cabin out there , and since it holds so many dear memories, they decided to tie the knot there.

Keegan’s family built the cabin by hand many years ago, with no prior knowledge or experience of carpentry or how to really do it. the cabin is a true labor of love, and it is so stunning!

I was with the family for a total of 3 days. The first day was a welcoming dinner at Tr Mckoys, right off the golf course. The second day was the stunning wedding, and the third was followed by some fun! A game created by the couple . The amazing race wedding edition! Thankful to have been a part of this.

By the end of the 3 day event, I really felt a part of the family!

I have added two albums for you to view! One of the ceremony day and the other album are photos of the bride and groom! enjoy!

“Absolutely phenomenal photographer.... She has an incredibly loveable personality and even kept me calm and cheery during my bridezilla moments. My family really took to her and she blended so well. People keep asking me how she is related to me!”

-Parisa and Keegan