Printing from Italy

Printing Prices for Portraiture

The Memory Box

30 4x6 prints, matching digitals, usb and wooden box, digital gallery provided.


The Reveal Box

11x14 Have you ever watched a movie that has a portrait hanging over a fire place that is someones ancestor? That is exactly what this is. Graded at 300 years, this Graphi studios print is made to last generations to come. Matching digital images.



How long is a portrait session take to photograph?

A portrait session is a one hour photoshoot, with additional time for getting you ready by hair and make up. Please be prepared to hang out with me and my team for about 2 hours.During our consultation we will discuss how and with whom you would like to be photographed with should that require additional family members, additional hair and make up costs will apply. Should you want a multiple generational photoshoot and solo portraits of each individual , this will take more time and may cost another session fee depending on how much extra time we need. These things will be pre determined and you will have a quote for the work during the consultation.

Is the session fee the same for children portraits the same cost?

As children do not need make up, the base session fee is $200.
I provide specialized photoshop work such as taking out glossy eyes caused by tears and photoshop eye's to ensure that children are looking into the camera if it does not happen naturally during the session. As this technique is difficult to accomplish it is taken in to consideration in the cost of the session fee, as well as the planning and styling , and studio time.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

Usually I can get a client in, during the same month as an initial inquiry. Sometimes it may take a little longer than a month if all my weekends have been pre booked.

I just want the digital files

During our initial consultation we will chat about what it is that you are looking for. Digital images are sold for $75.00 per image. I do offer packages where you can purchase in bulk at a lower cost per digital image.

I know I want to book you what is the process?

Once you know you want to book, a $300 deposit is asked to hold your spot. This deposit will go towards your photo session .

What is the price of a family session?

The session fee for family sessions or generational sessions is $200 and does not include hair and make up. If you are interested in my hair and make up team, please contact for a quote.

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