Justin and Zoe' Married

Justin and Zoe's wedding is such a special one. 

A year ago almost to the day I was taking there maternity photos. A few weeks after that I was taking their baby photos for baby Liam.

Its really something special when you get to take photos for a couple who you have  photographed special milestones.

The wedding was a pinterest perfect at home wedding. There were many delicious appetizers. They were placed so beautifully. You could tell that every detail was well thought of. When I walked in the house it smelled AMAZING!

Justin and Zoe met back in 2013. Justin and Zoe' happened to be at the airport with there parents at the same time. Justin's father had grown up in the same french town in Ontario as Zoe's mother and had not seen her in many years. That is how it started. 

Justin and Zoe' started talking , and because there was a lay over they had lots of time to get acquainted with one another. It was that day that Zoe' and Justin exchanged phone numbers and the story began.

Justin and Zoe' share a lot of the same interests. They LOVE their sports. However Justin is a Boston Bruins fan and Zoe' loves Toronto Maple Leafs. Despite this difference they are still the best of friends! In fact if I may add that the Bruins made it to the wedding cake. Also The captain of the team is the middle name of Justin and Zoe's son.

The house was buzzing as the guests came in. There was lots of laughs food and drinks to go around. There was one particular drink that really stood out . That is the Walkers Special Old Rye Wiskey that was used to toast after the ceremony. It was special because it was the only bottle left from Justin's parents wedding. Justin's father had saved it all these years for this special ocation.

After a heartfelt ceremony that was full of laughter , and joyful tears, I took the bride and groom out to take some photos. Little Liam joined us for the first few shots, and there was a special place that I really wanted to take there photos. It was the same location I had taken maternity photos for J&Z a year earlier.

After our photoshoot we went to Garage' Cafe in Provontier Blvd. Where Justin and Zoe' enjoy having chicken fingers and poutine. It really is the best in the city! 

After dinner we headed to Kings Head Pub. This was a really special place for the couple. It is where they went to a lot during their dating days to have a drink and enjoy a good time. 

The last photo I took , I overheard the groom say to his bride, " Could you ever have imagined that we would be here, after that first time of us coming here?" It was so special and I am so glad that I got to be a part of this day!

Here are a few more of my faves from the bride and groom!