New Year Reflections

Hello and welcome 2017!

Wow what a adventure 2016 was, I am excited for this new year. New goals , new couples and families are kepping me on my toes!

Over the past few years I have really worked hard at my editing side of things. As a photographer and a creative person, I think most of the people on instagram that I follow are photographers. 

I always get so inspired by the beautiful work that I see that at times I have to admit I sometimes just want to buy that preset from Mastin Labs to try and copy a look from a photographer that has thousands of followers. There are so many different looks and styles of editing that I would go broke if I did that!  Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with buying presets. However I made a promise to myself that no matter what I would not do that. 

I think sometimes its easy to not be happy with what you have or think that other people are always better than you. For me I decided to push my boundaries on editng and figure what I like, because I wanted to get into the practice of loving my work and my own creative eye.

I am so thankful to the couples that hired me last year and are hiring me this year. Im thankful that each time I try something new on the editing side they always come out loving my work!

This photoshoot is so dear to my heart because I feel like I changed things a lot , and the couple loved their photos! 

Any way, I love the look of film, the matte look, but I also love and adore the bright and airy look that has the true blacks.  I feel as though this photoshoot brought all of that out without looking like a instagram filter. 

I hope as  you view the photos that you will love them as much as I do!