Sam and Preeti Married Part 1 ,Winnipeg

This last month I had the privalege of doing my first of what I hope to be many Indian Weddings!

What I love most about Indian weddings is that they are so full of life and colour. A Indian wedding is incomplete without , dance , music , food and lots of laughs! Sam and Preeti's wedding was exactly this! For those who don't know , Indian weddings are not a one day event. Pre-wedding ceremony's and traditions can be up to 5-7 days before the actual wedding!

This first day that I went was one of the  pre- wedding traditions, where the bride gets her mehndhi  done. Now her bride's maids also get mehndhi done, however the bride's is the most elaborate of all! She gets it done on her hands and her feet. The bride has to stay in one spot and be careful not to move as she does not want to smug the mehndhi! It is said that the darker the mehndhi dries , the more your mother in law will love you! It brings you good luck to your marriage! Also the bride has the husbands name put on somewhere secretive where he has to find it.

The mehnhi is so detailed, and because of this , it takes hours to get done. It is totally worth it in the end as it is absolutely beautiful!

There are so many beautiful photos so I thought I would break the blog up into 2 parts! Here are some of my favourite moments from the fist day!