Justin and Zoe' Married

Justin and Zoe's wedding is such a special one. 

A year ago almost to the day I was taking there maternity photos. A few weeks after that I was taking their baby photos for baby Liam.

Its really something special when you get to take photos for a couple who you have  photographed special milestones.

The wedding was a pinterest perfect at home wedding. There were many delicious appetizers. They were placed so beautifully. You could tell that every detail was well thought of. When I walked in the house it smelled AMAZING!

Justin and Zoe met back in 2013. Justin and Zoe' happened to be at the airport with there parents at the same time. Justin's father had grown up in the same french town in Ontario as Zoe's mother and had not seen her in many years. That is how it started. 

Justin and Zoe' started talking , and because there was a lay over they had lots of time to get acquainted with one another. It was that day that Zoe' and Justin exchanged phone numbers and the story began.

Justin and Zoe' share a lot of the same interests. They LOVE their sports. However Justin is a Boston Bruins fan and Zoe' loves Toronto Maple Leafs. Despite this difference they are still the best of friends! In fact if I may add that the Bruins made it to the wedding cake. Also The captain of the team is the middle name of Justin and Zoe's son.

The house was buzzing as the guests came in. There was lots of laughs food and drinks to go around. There was one particular drink that really stood out . That is the Walkers Special Old Rye Wiskey that was used to toast after the ceremony. It was special because it was the only bottle left from Justin's parents wedding. Justin's father had saved it all these years for this special ocation.

After a heartfelt ceremony that was full of laughter , and joyful tears, I took the bride and groom out to take some photos. Little Liam joined us for the first few shots, and there was a special place that I really wanted to take there photos. It was the same location I had taken maternity photos for J&Z a year earlier.

After our photoshoot we went to Garage' Cafe in Provontier Blvd. Where Justin and Zoe' enjoy having chicken fingers and poutine. It really is the best in the city! 

After dinner we headed to Kings Head Pub. This was a really special place for the couple. It is where they went to a lot during their dating days to have a drink and enjoy a good time. 

The last photo I took , I overheard the groom say to his bride, " Could you ever have imagined that we would be here, after that first time of us coming here?" It was so special and I am so glad that I got to be a part of this day!

Here are a few more of my faves from the bride and groom! 

Courtney and Riley Green House Promise

I met Courtney back in my Prairie View days. We were both in photo school together. She too is a wedding photographer and is amazing! Check out www.courtneyjean-photo.com  for some of her work!

Courtney and Riley have been together for quite some time now and this past March when they were away on a Mexican vacay at Isla Mujeres, Riley got down on one knee and asked Courtney to marry him!

Talk about the perfect proposal!

They will be getting married this next August and I can not wait for their special day! The engagement photos were absolute perfection. We took them at the Ron Paul's Garden Centre. The lighting was perfect. The weather was perfect, and it was not hard to capture all the love vibes!

Winnipeg Engagement session


I first met Nicole about a year ago when I was working at the dealership. Her and her sister in law came in to look at a few cars, and the conversation of photography came up.

It was not long after I quit working at the dealership and started doing photography on a full time basis that I received a call from Nicole about doing family photos. 

Since then I have had the privilege to shoot Nicole and Steve's engagement session as well as their wedding this coming July!

"Stephen and I have been together for just over 3 years.

What a wonderful 3 years it has been. We have a truly unique love story. We both at the time we met were not looking for new love. But the universe defiantly had plans for us that we were unaware of at the time. We met at work and we're very skeptical of starting a relationship due do we didn't want our careers to be in jeopardy had it not work out. Needless to say taking that leap of faith was definitely worth it. We have had the joy of blending our families and have 3 beautiful, amazing and talented boys. We will be married on July 29th of 2017 and we are just over the moon excited for our big day; and sharing our lives together. I always said I wanted to find not just a man to marry but my ultimate friend and I can most certainly say I have found both." 



Trash The Dress

I first met Keith and Marysia in 2014. I was just starting photography school. A mutual friend of ours asked me to take surprise photos for K&M. 

I said yes, and on that day of Dec.22, I took photos of a beautiful proposal!

Little did I know that a couple years later I would be capturing the special moment as these two tied the knot in beautiful Jamaica.

These photos are of the trash the dress session. There was no need to go off the resort as everything was so beautiful. The dash of red , suspender ,Marysia's dress and beautiful sky was all I could ask for and more! Its really not that hard to get great shots when you have two people that are so in love. K&M were a dream couple to take photos of! Thank you for having me tell your love story through my lens!

Enjoy the photos!

Riu Montego Bay , K&M Married

What a way to start off the new year! I did not mind leaving Winnipeg for a week to join Keith and Marisha on their destination wedding in Jamaica! It was the perfect day, and not to mention the perfect couple.

You could just feel the love between these two. I won't lie I may have teared up once or twice during the ceremony .

There were two dresses for this perfect occasion. A dress for the ceremony, and then later another for the reception. 

One of the dresses was to be used for the trash the dress session, which I will post on a separate post! As you can see there are SO many photos from the wedding. I found it really hard to narrow it down !

Over the next few weeks I will be posting other photos on the blog and on instagram! You do not want to miss out on the other lovely photos ! 

The day was Thursday January,20th. It was about 30 degrees but there was a bit of wind and it was just perfect! When it came closer to the reception there were lots of clouds in the sky and it made the photos all the more breathtaking! The reception was followed by lots of laughs, tears of joy and dance!



Venu at: Riu Montego Bay

New Year Reflections

Hello and welcome 2017!

Wow what a adventure 2016 was, I am excited for this new year. New goals , new couples and families are kepping me on my toes!

Over the past few years I have really worked hard at my editing side of things. As a photographer and a creative person, I think most of the people on instagram that I follow are photographers. 

I always get so inspired by the beautiful work that I see that at times I have to admit I sometimes just want to buy that preset from Mastin Labs to try and copy a look from a photographer that has thousands of followers. There are so many different looks and styles of editing that I would go broke if I did that!  Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with buying presets. However I made a promise to myself that no matter what I would not do that. 

I think sometimes its easy to not be happy with what you have or think that other people are always better than you. For me I decided to push my boundaries on editng and figure what I like, because I wanted to get into the practice of loving my work and my own creative eye.

I am so thankful to the couples that hired me last year and are hiring me this year. Im thankful that each time I try something new on the editing side they always come out loving my work!

This photoshoot is so dear to my heart because I feel like I changed things a lot , and the couple loved their photos! 

Any way, I love the look of film, the matte look, but I also love and adore the bright and airy look that has the true blacks.  I feel as though this photoshoot brought all of that out without looking like a instagram filter. 

I hope as  you view the photos that you will love them as much as I do!

Part 3 Wedding Festive's of Sam and Pretti

Well hello everyone!! I know I said I was going to break this into a 2 part blog session, but because there were so many photos I had to do it in 3 parts! This was my first East Indian Wedding, and it was one of the most fun weddings I have been to! These are some of my favourites from this wedding. If you want to know more about how the day went, feel free to click head to the portfolio page where all the photos are with all the info of how the day went!

Sam and Preeti Married part 2

Hello everyone! I thought I would share with you the second day of the wedding festive's from Sam and Preeti. This day was the Rangoli. The bride's maids make a very intricate design, from beautiful bright coloured rice. The purpose of the Rangoli is to bring good luck to the brides mairrage. 

Before the ceremony took place, I took Preeti out to the back yard and good some lovely snaps of her, as each day, the hair and make up artist made a new look for her! I was so in love with the art work they did.She was stunning!


Sam and Preeti Married Part 1 ,Winnipeg

This last month I had the privalege of doing my first of what I hope to be many Indian Weddings!

What I love most about Indian weddings is that they are so full of life and colour. A Indian wedding is incomplete without , dance , music , food and lots of laughs! Sam and Preeti's wedding was exactly this! For those who don't know , Indian weddings are not a one day event. Pre-wedding ceremony's and traditions can be up to 5-7 days before the actual wedding!

This first day that I went was one of the  pre- wedding traditions, where the bride gets her mehndhi  done. Now her bride's maids also get mehndhi done, however the bride's is the most elaborate of all! She gets it done on her hands and her feet. The bride has to stay in one spot and be careful not to move as she does not want to smug the mehndhi! It is said that the darker the mehndhi dries , the more your mother in law will love you! It brings you good luck to your marriage! Also the bride has the husbands name put on somewhere secretive where he has to find it.

The mehnhi is so detailed, and because of this , it takes hours to get done. It is totally worth it in the end as it is absolutely beautiful!

There are so many beautiful photos so I thought I would break the blog up into 2 parts! Here are some of my favourite moments from the fist day!


Mike and Krista

This  October I had the privilege of taking photos of two of my favourite people. Mike and Krista just celebrated their second year anniversary . They own a beautiful puppy named yogi! This couple is a dream to work with. They are so natural in front of the camera that it made my job that much easier.

We spent the afternoon down at Assinaboine Park to take advantage of the weather before the winter hit us. There were so many photos that I loved, I thought I would share some of my faves! Enjoy!

Nichole and Steve

This summer was full of so many photoshoots! Back in May I was working at a car dealership and I met Nichole! We clicked right away. The subject of photography came up, and I told her how photography is my passion and that by the end of the year I would be doing it full time. 

As we all know I love candid photography, so I thought I would share some of my favourites from this shoot!